BlackBerry Takes a Hit from Google, iPhone for Work Steps In

Google announced on Friday that it will soon end support for Google Sync for BlackBerry service. Coincidentally, perhaps, Apple added a page to its website to tout the iPhone in business. BlackBerry market share has been declining and third parties have been pulling back their support. The iOS platform, on the other hand, has been gaining traction even in the enterprise. Today’s announcements seem to underscore that trend.

R.I.P. Google Sync for BlackBerry

In the search giant’s official blog, Google announced several spring cleaning actions it will be taking to combine or close various products. While nine announcements were made, it was notable that the company will be dropping support for Google Sync for BlackBerry as of June 1.

After that, the app will no longer be available for downloading. If it is already installed, Google recommends switching to BlackBerry Internet Service or the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Almost simultaneously, 9to5Mac spotted a new iPhone at Work page on Apple’s website that addresses how an iPhone can help organize your day, view your business, manage projects, meet anywhere, and travel light. There are a few videos to demonstrate the concepts and several apps are highlighted that help accomplish everyday tasks.