Blackmagic Demonstrates Video Recorder

| Macworld Expo 2009

SAN FRANCISCO -- Blackmagic Design was showing their Blackmagic Video Recorder at this week's Macworld Expo. Dan May, President, took some time to demonstrate this device that can convert your video to H.264 files suitable for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, YouTube and more.

The device has a USB connector on one end, and offers your choice of composite, S-Video and component video inputs. Just plug it in, and run the included Video Recorder software. The software will ask you to select the format of your source video, and the device you'd like to target. The target can be iPod small, iPod large, YouTube, iPhone, AppleTV or full resolution. If there are borders in the source video, you can use a cropping tool to remove them before conversion.

Blackmagic Video Recorder

Blackmagic Video Recorder

Finally, you can limit the minutes in each video file, the size in MB of each file, the number of minutes before it should stop recording, and specify if you want to load the video into iTunes once the conversion is complete. The Blackmagic Video Recorder retails for US$149.

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