Blizzard Mandates World of Warcraft Account Merger Into, Offers Penguin Pet

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Blizzard Entertainment notified World of Warcraft players Monday that they must convert their World of Warcraft accounts into accounts within 30 days. The change comes in advance of the release of Starcraft II and Diablo III, and is intended to allow gamers to manage all of their Blizzard games through one account-management system.

Players who make the conversion, which will, by definition, include every player actively playing the game, will receive a free in-game penguin vanity pet. was originally established as an online gaming service for online player vs. player gaming for Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. The company used a standalone network for World of Warcraft when that game was introduced. Logo Logo

The company said that those who play with multiple accounts should list all of those WoW accounts within a single account, and hints at future additions to the online service that will benefit users if they are playing under a account tied to their personal ID.

The company's notification via the WoW client said that users must do the conversion themselves. The company's online documentation, however, said that such conversions have already been made. We've contacted Blizzard to request clarification on this issue.

As of this writing, you can still log into World of Warcraft with your old WoW account name and password. Once converted, you instead use your account name (which is your e-mail address) to log into WoW, the upcoming Starcraft II and Diablo III releases, and other future games.


Ref Librarian

I did it and they haven’t given me a penguin. I was robbed!

Bryan Chaffin

We’re still trying to get some out of them for some things on this, Ref.

That said, I suspect your penguin will come sooner or later. smile


Blizzard notes in their conversion FAQ:
“Starting on October 15, once you?ve successfully merged a World of Warcraft account with a account, the penguin pet will be sent via in-game mail to all existing characters on the merged World of Warcraft account, along with all future characters on that World of Warcraft account. Players who merged previously will also receive the pet this way.”


What they don’t mention is poor network services, including no connects, freezing and server disconnects. It was so bad I had to revert back to my Blizzard.


I already did it as soon as they allowed “EU” accounts to merge to

Blizz give me 2 penguins! =)


I merged my accounts and i have yet to recieve my penguin… i should write a letter!


my problem im having is i changed over but now i have to retype my email adress in everythime since my old account pops up is there a way to change this?

Bryan Chaffin

my problem im having is i changed over but now i have to retype my email adress in everythime since my old account pops up is there a way to change this?

When you change the account name, the WoW client automatically unchecks the “Remember account name” check box. Just recheck it after you enter your account e-mail address.


thats the problem is they didnt auto uncheck it and when i did it unchecked it and then i typed in my new one checked it loged in and then after i exited again the next time i went to log in the old account was back


I merged my world of Warcraft account on Wednesday and checked my mail on Thursday but it wasn’t there.  When will I get the penguin?


Can trial accounts get the free penguin too?


how do you put the acount on to battle net


go to create an account (the login will be your email)
then you can “merge” a wow account.

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