Blizzard Releases Minor World of Warcraft Update [Updated with Patch Notes]

Blizzard has released a patch for World of Warcraft, but the company has so far been mum on the details. The patch notes installed with the update specify only, "We are updating World of Warcraft with a minor bug fix patch," while players are steered to the World of Warcraft Bug Report Forum, where there is not, as yet, any additional information.

Maaven, one of the mods on the Bug Report Forum made the following post in answer to the many queries about the patch: "This is the patch where WoW becomes self-aware and Skynet activates. Seriously, I'll have information for you as soon as it is given to me."

We'll update this story once those details are made available. In the meanwhile, the patch is available through the WoW client, and the realms are coming back up from the weekly maintenance period ahead of schedule, as of this writing.

Update: Blizzard has now posted patch notes for the update on the Bug report Forum. The original thread of elentyfive gillion people asking for said notes has been deleted.

As the company had originally said, the patch addresses some somewhat minor bugs, as follows:


  • Human females Helms will no longer lift off the character's head during a Special2H animation or during a HoldRifle animation.

Death Knights

  • Howling Blast : The 5 second cooldown will now display correctly.


  • All Hunter aspects are no longer on the global cooldown that is shared with other Hunter abilities. All hunter aspects are now on a separate 1 second cooldown.


  • Ritual of Summoning will now function as intended.