Brings Bitcoin Wallet App Back to App Store has brought its Bitcoin wallet app back to the App Store after having been kicked out by Apple in February. Blockchain 2.0.1 has the ability to send and receive Bitcoins from your iPhone, an important feature for Bitcoin users.

Blockchain App

Blockchain App Screenshots is the largest online Bitcoin wallet—for more on the difference between a client side wallet and a Web-based wallet, check out my Bitcoin primer. The company's original iOS app was kicked out of the App Store earlier this year because it violated Apple's guidelines.

In June, Apple changed those guidelines, and less than two weeks later, the first wallet app returned to the App Store. That app, Coin Pocket, was also updated on Monday.

iPhone users were always able to use's browser interface through Safari, but the convenience of a dedicated app is with a dedicated iOS interface is important. One of the most important aspects is the ability to lock your app with a PIN code for extra security, which the new Blockchain app offers.

Pairing your iPhone to your wallet can be done manually, or by scanning a browser-generated QR code on your Mac or PC (that is quite easy).

Blockchain 2.0.1's patch notes:

  • Send and Receive bitcoin payments
  • View transactions and wallet balance
  • Open Source
  • PIN Protection
  • Live Updates via Websockets
  • Email/SMS Notifications
  • View amounts in BTC or milllibits
  • 22 Local Currencies Supported
  • QR Code Support
  • URI support
  • Scan Paper Wallets
  • Address Book
  • Swipe between screens.
  • Bleep on transaction

Bitcoin users interested in an iOS app that isn't tied to the App Store and Apple's control over that App Store might want to check out Coinpunk, an HTML 5 app for iOS.