Bloomberg Backs September iPhone 5 Launch

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Apple will ship the fifth generation iPhone come September along with faster A5 processors and an 8 megapixel camera, according to Bloomberg. The new iPhone will come with iOS 5 pre-installed.

Apparently the new iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 4 instead of getting a complete redesign.

Citing “two people familiar with the plans,” Bloomberg also claimed that Apple is testing a new version of the iPad with a new display that’s sports a resolution that’s about a third higher than the iPad 2. They didn’t, however, say when to expect the new iPad to hit store shelves.

Releasing the iPhone 5 at the same time that iOS 5 is released would make sense so Apple could cut down on the number of users that have to download and install the software update. So far, Apple is only saying that iOS 5 will ship in the fall, and isn’t offering a specific date yet.

The Bloomberg report falls in line with other rumors claiming new iPhone models will ship in September. Without any concrete evidence to back up the report, however, the news is just as plausible as rumors claiming next iPhone will be available in the next couple weeks, in August, or pretty much any other time rumor fans want to toss out.

Until Apple makes an official announcement, details of the iPhone 5 launch date should be treated as yet more rumors.

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I am, and have been for over a month, unable to purchase an iPhone 4 on the AT&T website, other than the white version, unless I want a refurb. The new black phones have been unavailable since end-April in my US location.

Perhaps unrelated.

Lee Dronick

“Apparently the new iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 4 instead of getting a complete redesign.”

Darn! I was thinking that it is time to ditch the candy bar shape and go with a pentalobe or just a hockey puck.

Does increasing the resolution have a practical use? On the iPad it would.

Now releasing a new iPhone when iOS 5 is ready does make sense. Also it would be available in time for the Holiday shopping season, but a bit late for back-to-school sales.


I grow weary of all the speculation about the iPhone 5 and headlines that read like bold new facts. If it is just rumor /speculation then the headlines should at least hint strongly that it is.  Touting that it is backed by Bloomberg?  I sit on my bloomberg all day and I’m sure I could pull some rumors out of it, too.

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