Bloomberg Pleased with Apple’s Subscription Terms

There may be a chorus of grousing from publishers when it comes to Apple’s subscription terms for iOS apps, but Bloomberg isn’t joining in; after the launch of its Bloomberg BusinessWeek+ app for iPad, the company told PaidContent that it was “pleased” with the terms Apple is offering (or demanding, depending on one’s point of view).

Bloomberg purchased BusinessWeek from McGraw Hill in 2009, began turning it around, and today the company’s ad pages are up 49%. The move to the iPad, however, is apparently a big deal to the company.

Oke Okaro, Bloomberg’s global head of mobile operations, told PaidContent, “The iPad is the most important place to be right now, and that’s where we’re focused.”

He added, “We are very pleased with Apple’s terms.”

This stands in stark contrast to some other publishers who are very unhappy that Apple is taking 30% of subscription revenue from subscriptions generated from within the app, and the company won’t share subscriber data with the publishers. This is a sore spot with those publishers who consider that data one of their most important advertising tools.

Mr. Okaro, however, dismissed that as an issue, saying that there other opportunities to interact with their customers and get them to willingly volunteer that information through surveys and other interactive features.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek+ is a free download, but it requires a US$2.99 per month subscription. Subscribers to the print version can access it for free.

BusinessWeek Screenshot

Bloomberg BusinessWeek+ iPad cover