Blue Jays’ Jay Sartori Joins Team Apple

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Toronto Blue Jays assistant general manager Jay Sartori is trading in his baseball cap for an Apple logo to serve as the manager of the iPhone and iPad maker's App Store sports and entertainment categories. His job with the Blue Jays includes contract and collective bargaining agreement interpretation, and arbitration, which could play into his responsibilities for Apple.

Apple turns to Major League Baseball for its newest hireApple turns to Major League Baseball for its newest hire

Sportsnet reports Mr. Satori will start his new job with Apple in the coming month.

Prior to his new position at Apple, Mr. Satori worked for the Major League Baseball labor department where he helped negotiate the 2006 CBA. He later handled baseball operations for the Washington Nationals, and then in 2010 moved to the Blue Jays.

Presumably his negotiation skills and familiarity withe professional sports industry will help him swing app deals for Apple.


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Cue the "Apple is ready to play hard ball" jokes.



Or his hiring might have nothing to do with sports, but rather with contract negotiations. Perhaps with slimy Samsung, who is now cheating at benchmark tests.

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