Blue Nessie Adaptive USB Mic - Pro Results for N00bs

Blue NessieBlue Nessie

LAS VEGAS - Blue announced on Tuesday Nessie, an adaptive USB microphone that is intended to allow customers with less recording experience to get professional-sounding results. A cardioid mic, Nessie has a built-in pop filter and includes on-board filtering to de-ess your recordings. Better yet, it has a internal shock mount to isolate the mic from picking up sound transmitted through the stand.

The company told The Mac Observer that Nessie was based on listening to the results of what its customers record and listening to their feedback. Blue said that there were several things that were common, especially for new users. Professional audio engineers spend years learning the intricacies and properties of specific mics, but Nessie is intended address these common issues for those of us who aren't pro engineers.

“With Nessie, we are excited to introduce fearless recording with a brand new category of digital microphones," John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones, said in a statement. "In professional recording, there are common practices and fundamental processing used to edit and improve sound quality, but we understand that not everyone has the tools, time or engineering know-how to get the best results. So we built adaptive studio processing into Nessie. Nessie was designed to expertly apply the most common techniques instantly, allowing you to concentrate on your performance, not how to record it.”

The device includes a zero-latency headphone jack for direct monitoring, the processing we mentioned above is on-board and invisible to the user. The head's position is adjustable, and works without drivers for Mac and Windows. Users can use it with iPhone or iPad using Apple's Camera Connection Kit.

Nessie retails for US$99, and it's scheduled to ship later in the first half of 2013.

Here she is in situ.

Blue Nessie


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