Blue Releases Mo-Fi Headphones with Onboard Amp, Innovative Headband

Blue Microphones announced on Tuesday Mo-Fi, the company's first foray into over-the-ear headphones. The device features an onboard amplifier paired with "ultra-premium 50mm hi-fi drivers." Mo-Fi also has an incredibly comfortable* four bar linkage system in place of the standard headband, along with a clever pivoting arm for adjusting the ear cups.


Blue Mo-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphones

The four bar linkage system (Blue has a patent pending on it) is a key aspect of why these headphones are different. In addition to eliminating stress points common to most spring-loaded headbands, it also serves to keep the cups snug against your ear. With thick padding and adjustable tension, they fit better and offer better sound isolation.

Mo-Fi is powered by a rechargeable battery that uses a micro-USB connector to charge through any USB port (or a charger with a USB port). The battery powers the onboard amplifier, though they also work in passive mode, even when the battery is dead. When fully charged, it will last for 12 hours of listening.

There's a three position switch for Off (passive mode), On (powered by the amp), and On+, which activates an analog low-frequency enhancement circuit in the amp. On+ boosts the bass, but not in a way that is intended to compete with Beats or other "bass-in-your-face" headphones, as Blue put it.

In keeping with Blue's history as a professional microphone company, Mo-Fi is aimed at audiophiles and music professionals who are looking for a high fidelity listening experience that is close to flat. The drivers have a frequency response from 15Hz to 20kHz, and it is nominally flat across that range. The amp itself has a frequency response from 10Hz to 20kHz.

Mo-Fi is available starting Tuesday at Best Buy Magnolia, Amazon, Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, and Sweetwater. They're retailing for $349.95.

*I've been testing these for the last two weeks, and will be posting a full review later today. I'll be focusing a lot on how well these funny-looking headphones feel on your head.