Aperture2Twitter and iPhoto2Twitter 1.5 Add Mobypicture Support

Blue Crowbar Software announced the release of Aperture2Twitter 1.5 and iPhoto2Twitter 1.5, upgrades to its Twitter-plugins for Aperture and iPhoto, on Thursday. Both plugins allow users to send tweets and photos to Twitter without leaving the main application, and the updates added Mobypicture support.

The new features in the programs consist of the following:
* Support for photo uploads to Mobypicture.
* Support for movie uploads to Mobypicture(iPhoto2Twitter only).
* Through Mobypicture, support for many other services is included: Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Mobypicture is an online service that lets users share photos, videos and other content in real time with friends. In one simple action, assorted social Web sites are updated with text, audio, photos or video files. Clients can also use Mobypicture to send mobile digital content which is aggregated and distributed using APIs of all important social sites and services.

iPhoto2Twitter 1.5 contains the following new features:

* Sends your tweets without leaving iPhoto or Aperture.
* Can include a photo or movie with a tweet.
* Fast switching between different Twitter-accounts.

iPhoto2Twitter and Aperture2Twitter are available immediately and a single user license for iPhoto2Twitter retails for €4.95 (about US$7.06) while a single user license for Aperture2Twitter retails for €5.95 (about $8.49). The applications require Mac OS X 10.5 or later and iPhoto '08 or '09 for iPhoto2Twitter and Aperture 2 for Aperture2Twitter. The upgrades are free for existing users and free trial versions of the software can be downloaded from the Blue Crowbar Web site.