B&N Takes on Kindle Fire with New Nook

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Book retailer Barnes & Noble unveiled its new Nook Tablet on Monday with Amazon’s Kindle Fire clearly in its sites. B&N is calling its new ebook reader tablet a multimedia device, much like Amazon is doing with its Kindle Fire, and it seems the book reseller is happy to avoid competing with Apple’s iPad.

Nook TabletThe Nook Tablet includes a 7-inch color touch screen, 16GB storage, built-in Wi-Fi, access to ebooks through Barnes & Noble, the Nook Newsstand for magazine subscriptions, Nook Comics, third party Nook-compatible apps, and weights 14.1 ounces. It also includes Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora video and music streaming built-in.

If the feature list sounds familiar, that may be because the Nook Tablet’s feature set closely matches what Amazon is including in its soon to ship Kindle Fire. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, however, offers movie and music downloads instead of just streaming through services like Netflix and Pandora.

With its US$249 price point, the Nook Tablet is targeting the same market as Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire instead of consumers that are considering buying an iPad instead. In comparison, the iPad with it’s 9.7-inch multitouch display and App Store access starts at $499.

For now it looks like Apple’s iPad is seen as the undisputed champion of the tablet market, even by its potential competitors. For smaller screen Android devices, however, it seems that its the book resellers and not the traditional electronics makers that are ready to go head to head.

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Bringing out a product with a we will compete for 2nd place attitude seams wrong.

Investors like this sort of thing? Really?


I don?t actually see any competition here, at all; sort of like and ATV and an automobile. The first are the smaller book readers and the latter, does it all. I would find both useful. The seven inch seems perfect for reading (a book) and underwhelming for (re)search, composing in any medium and entertainment other than the book thing. Not sure about mags and newspapers. Have to see one in action to compare.

We are still waiting viable competition. Well, at least MicroSoft is working on something.

Robert Hawk

There is a difference in the Kindle Fire and the Nook that most people overlook until they have purchased one or the other and figured out they have won or lost.
The kindle fire is NOT blue tooth compatible
The Nook Color IS blue tooth compatible
This might seem insignificant on the surface, however when you figure out that all the devices which work with the mobile tables are blue tooth, head sets, keyboards… etc.  Then you start to understand the significance of having a table that has blue tooth power.  I don’t sell for either company.  I’m just letting the readers know that there is a difference in the two tablets that is a game changer for most folks purchasing a tablet.

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