Bob LeVitus Discusses Snow Leopard on MacNotables

TMO columnist Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus joined Chuck Joiner on the MacNotables podcast to talk about Apple's new operating system, Mac Os X 10.6, or Snow Leopard, and also offered up his predictions for Apple's September 9 special media event.

Bob and Chuck Joiner also discussed some of the issues they are experiencing, including iCal publishing, DVD burning and the odd hardware driver update, along with the Flash upgrade that is needed to bring users up to the current version. Bob shared his thoughts on who shouldn't upgrade to Snow Leopard, and offered some insight into the 32-bit versus 64-bit question. Bob and Chuck also discussed Bob's newest book, Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies, and some of the less-recognized but most useful, features that Mac OS X 10.6 brings to the table.

MacNotables #938 is available as free MP3 download at the MacNotables Web site.