Boca Raton Thieves Target Apple Store Customers

Thieves in Boca Raton have been targeting Apple Store customers, according to a Florida newspaper. Fort Lauderdale's SunSentinel reported Monday that police have been investigating five different robberies in the last three months in which customers who bought Macs and took them out to their cars found their cars broken into, and their Macs taken.

"They are all similar scenarios," police spokeswoman Sandra Boonenberg told the newspaper.

The robberies took place in the Town Center shopping mall in Boca Raton, where Apple has an Apple Store. The thieves apparently have been following customers out of the store who were carrying Macs out of the stores.

In the five robberies being investigated, the customers apparently left their new Macs in their cars unattended, and went back into the mall to continue shopping. When they did so, the thieves broke into their cars and took their purchases.

According to the SunSentinel, police said that customers were not targeted inside the store, but rather sometime after they left. The Apple Store pointed out that they can always hold customers purchases until they are ready to leave the mall.