Boinx FxTiles FxPack Offers Filters & Transitions for Final Cut Pro 7

Boinx Software announced Friday the release of Boinx FxTiles FxPack, a collection of 3D filters and transitions for Apple's Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Express 4, Apple Motion 4, and Adobe After Effects CS3/CS4. The collection adds three filters and four transitions.

FxTiles Filters

  • Flip 3D - Users can divide the source image in tiles and flip them in 3D space.
  • Shatter 3D - Users can divide images into tiles and animate them through 3D space.
  • Spread 3D - Divides the image into tiles and offsets each tile in 3D space.

FxTiles Transitions

  • Flip & Reveal 3D - Divides the source image into tiles and flips them in 3D space to reveal the same portions of the destination image.
  • Shatter & Rebuild 3D - Shatter the image into fragments while at the same time rebuilding fragments of the destination image in place of the source.
  • Shatter & Rebuild with Fade 3D - Shatter the image into fragments that gradually fade out, then fades in fragments of the destination image and uses them to rebuild it in place of the source.
  • Shatter & Reveal 3D has two variants: in the first, the source image is shattered to reveal the destination image below it. In the second variant, a shattered version of the destination image is gradually rebuilt over the source.

The Boinx FxTiles FxPack is priced at US$49, and users can download a 15-day trial.

FxTiles Screenshot
FxTiles Demo Screenshot with a Shatter Filter