Bono and Jony Ive to Auction 18K Rose Gold Apple EarPods for Charity

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U2 frontman Bono, Apple design guru Sir Jonathan Ive, and Aussie biomorphism designer Marc Newson are teaming up for a charity auction to benefit Bono's Project (RED). Headlining the auction is a pair of 18K rose gold Apple Earpods, as shown below.

The auction will be held on November 23rd, and the proceeds will specifically benefit The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

18K Rose Gold EarPods

18K Rose Gold Apple EarPods


According to Sotheby's auction house, Sir Jonathan and Marc Newson, who is a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, curated the collection of stuff being auctioned over the last 18 months.

The Three Amigos

Marc Newson, Bono, sir Jonathan Ive

That collection, "comprises objects from disciplines as diverse as space travel and lighting design to contemporary art and rare automobiles, all unified and distinguished by their excellence and innovation."

There's also a magnum of 1966 Dom Pérignon in a custom (RED) cooler designed by Sir Jon and Mr. Newson.

Got Dom?

Dom Pérignon Cooler, because it's (RED)

The rose gold EarPods work, and they are joined by a RangeRover, a "unique" Leica Digital Rangefinder Camera, a Steinway & Sons Parlor Grand Piano, an Hermès saddle (in (RED) leather), and a cosmonaut suit.

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I’d have a go at the Dom Pérignon cooler, but only if it contained the ‘96 Dom.




I think it does contain the ‘96 Dom:

There’s also a magnum of 1996 Dom Pérignon is a custom (RED) cooler designed by Sir Jon and Mr. Newson.

I’m thinking that should read: “There’s also a a magnum of 1996 Dom Perignon IN a custom (RED) cooler….”

So yeah, go for it!


It will probably go for thousands, but I might tune in on the day.

Aside: I wonder how Marc (Not-quite-a-knight) Newson feels about being an honors notch down from fellow designer Ive.

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