Bookies Place Odds on Microsoft's Next CEO, Tim Cook Gets 100:1 Odds

With Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on the way out, bookies are already placing odds on who the company's next leader will be, and they even have Apple CEO Tim Cook on the list. Mr. Cook comes in at the bottom with 100 to 1 odds, behind Bill Gates' 50 to 1 odds. The most likely replacement for Mr. Ballmer, according to the bookies, is Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

According to the odds, Nokia's Stephen Elop will be Microsoft's next CEOAccording to the odds, Nokia's Stephen Elop will be Microsoft's next CEO

Mr. Elop has 5 to 1 odds, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner comes in second with 6 to 1 odds, and former Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky follows behind with 8 to 1 odds. Former Apple executive Scott Forstall could bring some leather stitching to Windows if his 33 to 1 odds pan out, and iMac and iPhone designer Sir Jonathan Ive has better odds at being Microsoft's next CEO than Bill Gates with 40 to 1 odds.

Mr. Ballmer announced last Friday he would be leaving and that the hunt for his replacement was already underway. He said he'll be gone within 12 months and that leaving now will help with the company's transition into a devices and services company.

Since Microsoft won't likely find a suitable replacement right away, you'll have at least a few months to place your bets, and maybe make a few dollars on the side.

[Thanks to AllThingsD for the heads up]