Boot Camp File Lists Unannounced Mac Pro, iMac

If you’re hoping for updates to Apple’s desktop Macs, there’s new information to whet your appetite: AppleInsider reported that a Mountain Lion boot camp file lists new Mac Pro and iMac models that have yet to be announced. In the past, these sorts of mentions in OS X and iOS files have signaled new products.

Made Up Mac Pro

Maybe They’ll Look Something Like This

In some ways, this isn’t precisely news. When Apple released released a barely noticeable bump to the Mac Pro during June’s World Wide Developer Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that his company was working on a more significant bump for sometime in early 2013.

As noted by AppleInsider, Mr. Cook also told a customer in an email that, “Our Pro customers like you are really important to us. Although we didn’t have a chance to talk about a new Mac Pro at today’s [WWDC] event, don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year. We also updated the current model today.”

So, we know that a new Mac Pro is in the works, but for those of us who think that towers are the bee’s knees, getting teased by a .plist file listing an unannounced Mac Pro is a tantalizing reminder that…well…that we don’t have it yet. Still, it’s fun!

The .plist file in particular is a Boot Camp file that lists, among other things, Mac models that can boot from a USB drive. This list includes “MP60,” for a 6th generation Mac Pro, and “IM130,” for 13th generation iMac. Apple internally refers to the current Mac Pro as MP51 or MP5,1, while the current iMac is IM120.

Hence, new Mac Pro and iMac models exist and could make their way to a desk near you…at some point.

[Via MacRumors]

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