Borders Launches Self-named Ebook Store

Borders officially launched its Borders ebook store on Wednesday, adding yet another online digital book store to compete with, Apple and Barnes & Noble. The Borders ebook store is powered by Kobo, the same company it partnered with for dedicated ebook readers.

Versions of the Borders ebook reader app are available for the iPhone and iPod touch, iPad, Android platform, and Blackberry.

Books purchased through Border’s ebook store use Adobe’s ePub format, so they should be viewable in compatible readers, including the Kobo eReader. Kobo for iPad users that download the Borders ebook reader app won’t, however, automatically see their Kobo purchases in the Borders app, even though both are powered by the same company.

The Borders ebook reader app is free and available for download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.