BrandZ Marketing Survey Ranks Google above Apple as Most Valuable Brand

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After three years at the top of the annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands survey, Google has overtaken the number one slot. The Internet search giant's brand value jumped up 40 percent while Apple's dipped 20 percent, and Google Glass is credited for that sharp jump up.

Google tops Apple in BrandZ surveyGoogle tops Apple in BrandZ survey

Millward Brown, the research firm behind the BrandZ study, said,

After three years at the top, Apple slipped to No 2 on the back of a 20 percent decline in brand value, to US$148 billion. Whilst Apple remains a top performing brand, there is a growing perception that it is no longer redefining technology for consumers, reflected by a lack of dramatic new product launches.

Google was deemed to be worth $159 billion as a brand, according to the study. Along with Google Glass, the company's work on robotic cars, artificial intelligence, and the growth of its Android operating system all played into its increased value.

Google and Apple were followed by IBM in the number three spot, Microsoft in fourth place, and McDonalds rounding out the top five. AT&T was ranked as the eighth most valuable brand while Amazon trailed behind the Marlboro cigarette company in tenth place.

The BrandZ study doesn't rank overall company value; In that respect, Apple is still worth more than Google. Instead, it factors perceived customer value with other financial data points to rank global companies.

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While the BrandZ study doesn't say that Google is worth more than Apple overall, it is interesting to see its increase in perceived value come at the Cupertino company's expense. Apple hasn't had any major product releases yet this year, and that seems to be taking a toll on its image with consumers.

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The Internet search giant’s brand value jumped up 40 percent while Apple’s dipped 20 percent, and Google Glass is credited for that sharp jump up.

So, releasing an immature product, totally botching it’s release, failing to control the message and image, all of which result in it becoming an internet joke and it’s users hated adds to your companies perceived value?


This is a completely made up, arbitrary valuation standard that only seems legitimate because it’s published on the internet.  I wish TMO would stop propagating cyberdrivel like this.  Really, it’s beneath you guys.


Google Glass? WTF?
Either the great unwashed masses are idiots, or whomever did the ‘crediting’ of Google Glass is talking out his ass. I could believe either or both of those are true.

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