Brightkite Bails on Location-based Checkin Feature

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Brightkite is dropping support for the popular social networking feature it helped breath life into: location-based checkins. The company is phasing the feature out in favor of its group texting service.

Brightkite’s iPhone app

Brightkite has been focusing heavily on its group texting features for some time, so the move to abandon location checkins doesn’t come as much of a surprise. With the changes Brightkite has been implementing, the company can now “be your default text messaging app — handling all your messaging from one app.”

Users wanting to back up their old-style posts can download their have until December 31, 2010 as an RSS feed via the Brightkite Web site. Users will be able to download their 1,000 most recent posts, but older posts are available with a little help from Brighkite’s support team.

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Wow, just when I was thinking it might become used enough to try it, they kill it.

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