British Airways Using iPads to Improve Customer Service

First it was pilots and now it’s flight attendants who are testing iPads as business equipment on airplanes: British Airways announced Thursday that it is using iPads to replace the current paper versions of customer information that are produced for each flight.

The iPads contain not only a passenger list and seating information, but also each person’s preferences for meals, their Executive Club status, and who they are traveling with. In addition it also has reference information such as timetables, safety manuals, and customer service updates.

The issued iPads are 3G equipped which allows them to refresh and get the latest information just as cabin doors are closing. This also allows the flight crew to log any issues and transfer them to ground crew prior to departure so solutions can be worked on while the flight is in the air.

Initial feedback has been positive from both crew and customers. The opportunities for improving personalized service seem abundant.

While the trial is with an initial 100 iPads, British Airways expects to issue the devices to all senior cabin crew members in the future.

British Airways

British Airways
(photo attribution: BriYYZ on Flickr)