Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Hits the App Store

Gameloft on Monday announced that Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front is now available at the App Store. The sequel to the popular World War II first-person shooter takes players into combat across Africa, Europe, and the Pacific, with the ability to fight with up to five friends in multiplayer matches.

Brothers in Arms 2 features 13 levels spread across five locations, with three different vehicles – a tank, an off-road vehicle, and a glider – and a wide variety of realistic weapons, including machine guns and bazookas, at players’ disposal. Multiplayer matches take place over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, with five maps and three gameplay modes: free for all, team deathmatch, and domination.

Pricing is US$7.99 and iPhone OS 2.2.1 is required.

Other new games at the App Store include: Konami’s Draw Parking ($0.99), in which players draw the most efficient path from their car to a parking spot while avoiding obstacles; Sqramble ($1.99), a sliding puzzle game with a unique contest: now through April 30, developer PuzzleKings will share part of the royalties with players who record the top three scores in hard difficulty mode; and The Crystal Maze ($2.99), an adaptation of a 1990s game show with two modes: TV Show Campaign and Challenge.