Browse Files on Your iDevice with iPhone Explorer

Product Link : iPhone Explorer
Company Link : MacroPlant

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are great devices, but there may be times you’d like to dig deeper, and see what information, be it applications or media, are stored on your device. Sure, iTunes provides a way to exchange and manage some of this information with the device, but you may want something more along the lines of a traditional file browser like the Finder. Enter iPhone Explorer.

iPhone Explorer Browser Window

When you start up iPhone Explorer, you’ll see your attached device, along with the amount of space used, and total space. Clicking on the triangle next to the device should reveal two directories: Apps and Media. If you prefer, you can choose a column or icon view, instead of the default list view.

Clicking on Apps, you’ll see a folder for each app on your device. Clicking on this folder should reveal an .app folder where the application is stored, as well as a Documents, Library and tmp folder. Unless you know what you’re doing, the best advice here is look but don’t touch, since iPhone Explorer, like the Finder, will allow you to create, delete and move files on your iDevice.

A safer place to explore would be the Media folder. For those with a device that has a camera, you’ll find images you have taken with the device stored in the DCIM folder, and then in the 100APPLE folder. There should be JPG images, and if you click on one, this will activate the File Preview feature. You can also view the image on your Mac.

As mentioned, since iPhone Explorer acts as a file browser, you can drag images to your Mac for further processing. One other use of this feature is that if you need to store a small file, and don’t have a flash drive handy, and enough space on your iDevice, you can drag from your Mac to your iDevice and store it there.

So, learn about and interact with the files on your iDevice, and try iPhone Explorer today! Have any other gadgets that let you know what your iDevice is doing? Send an email to John, and he’ll check it out.