Bryan Chaffin Does His 'Fake Steve Ballmer' on Tech Night Owl

Against his better judgement, Bryan Chaffin was convinced to whip out his Steve Ballmer impression in the current episode of The Tech Night Owl with Gene Steinberg. Between you and me and this here fence post, he is desperately hoping that the decision to do so ranks only in the Top 100 Worst Decisions of His Life, rather than, say, the Top 10.

Bryan Chaffin on a Soap Box

Bryan Chaffin

"If you look at the tablet market," Bryan's fake Steve Ballmer said in the interview, "Microsoft is very strong in tablets running Windows with optional attached keyboard that are being given away. There's no other company that can say that."

In any event, Gene also talked with Bryan about WWDC, iOS 7, Jony Ive, OS X Mavericks, and much more. The full episode has a ton of other guests, too, including Adam Engst, Kyle Wiens, and Kirk McElhearn.

Check it out. If you dare.