Bryan Chaffin on MacNotables: Ballmer & Apple Management Shakeup

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Chuck Joiner was silly enough to invite Bryan Chaffin (a.k.a. me) onto MacNotables, and sure enough, the show went to hell in a hand basket. What was supposed to be a fun 45 minute interview turned into an hour and a half-long rampage over Steve Ballmer and Microsoft, Surface, Apple's management shakeup, Apple's UK court order.

To top it off, the conversation derailed into a rant about Amazon, the publishing industry, the economy, the middle class in America, and a bit of philosophy.

Bryan on a Soap Box

Bryan on a Soap Box

Mr . Joiner at least had the decency to cut the show into two segments. The first one spans the above topics from Ballmer to Apple's UK court order, and you can hear it on MacNotables. You can also subscribe to MacNotables through iTunes.

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