Bryan Chaffin on MacVoices and Tech Night Owl for Your Listening Pleasure

Bryan Chaffin has been busy. I mean I've been busy. That third person/first person thing gets confusing sometimes...anyway, I've been busy of late, including two interviews that went up this weekend, Chuck Joiner's MacVoices and Gene Steinberg's Tech Night Owl.

Bryan Chaffin on a Soapbox

Bryan Chaffin on a Soapbox


Chuck Joiner had me on MacVoices to talk about Steve Ballmer, Surface and Surface 2, Apple's iPhone 5c strategy, Tim Cook as Apple CEO, and Office vs. iWork (with a focus on mobile). We even talked a little bit of behind-the-scenes stuff about Apple Context Machine, the podcast I cohost with Jeff Gamet.

Tech Night Owl

Gene Steinberg had me on Tech Night Owl to talk about Steve Ballmer, iOS 7, Apple's new iPhones, Samsung, and a bunch of other stuff. Also on this show are Kyle Wiens and Daniel Eran Dilger.

Both shows were fun to record, so check 'em out.