Bryan, Jeff, and John Interviewed Hither and Yon

Check one!The staff at The Mac Observer has been busy all over the Interwebs, including video podcasts and radio interviews you can stream.

Bryan Chaffin was recently interviewed by Gene Steinberg on his Tech Night Owl radio show (podcast version). They talked about Microsoft cutting price on Windows 8 and Windows phone, TV cord cutting, and some Apple doings. Also in this episode are interviews with Dann Berg and Lloyd Klarke.

Jeff Gamet was interviewed by the inestimable Chuck Joiner as part of the Road to Macworld series. Jeff explains what he'll be talking about in two Macworld/iWorld sessions, one on wearable tech and another on fitness tech.

John Martellaro also spent some time with Gene Steinberg on the Tech Night Owl, where they delved into Mac users that still use Snow Leopard, Barnes & Noble's Nook ereader, and how to use your Mac in your daily life.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.