Bryan Chaffin, Chuck La Tournous, John F Braun Discuss WWDC on MacJury

The Mac Observer’s Bryan Chaffin, Chuck La Tournous and John F. Braun joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner and several other guests in part 1 of a special 2-part podcast to talk about Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference keynote presentation and the introduction of the iPhone 4.

The podcast panel also included developer and UI and us host Keith Lang, and Peter Cohen from The Loop and Angry Mac Bastards.

The MacJury panel examined the iPhone 4, the renaming of iPhone OS 4 to iOS 4 and more, including why the whole Gizmodo affair didn’t tarnish the the excitement of the new iPhone, FaceTime and why they think the time for video calls may have finally arrived, and the goods and bads of the keynote demos. Apple’s handling of a potential trademark issue, why the video capabilities of the iPhone 4 and iMovie for iPhone may be the device’s killer app and more are all addressed in Part One of a two-part discussion.

MacJury #1012 is available as a free download in MP3 format at the MacJury Web site.