Bryan Chaffin Rants About Apple & Samsung on MacNotables

TMO Cofounder and Co-publisher Bryan Chaffin spent some time on Monday ranting about the Apple and Samsung patent battle being tried even now. You can blame Chuck Joiner, the host of MacNotables, because he actually asked Bryan to do this and hit the record button, to boot.

Bryan Chaffin

Bryan Chaffin

Chuck’s description goes like this:

Bryan Chaffin provides some perspective on the issues of copyrights, patents in general and the Apple-Samsung legal fight in particular, then debates what might constitute appropriate sanctions with host Chuck Joiner. From the issues surrounding big pharma to Apple’s acquisition of ideas from Xerox PARC, the discussion takes unexpected turns, and includes Bryan’s thoughts on the Microsoft Surface, and an update on the progress of his novels.

Don’t believe it, though. Bryan is just cranky and out of sorts and spends much of his time on this once-great show frothing at the mouth and yelling.

Now, if despite this obvious warning you decide to take the time to listen anyway, do everyone a favor and encourage Chuck to not repeat his mistake.