Bulkypix Releases Saving Private Sheep Action Puzzle Game for iPhone

Bulkypix announced Thursday the release of Saving Private Sheep, an action/puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch (it will also play on iPad, with a dedicated iPad version in development). The developer said the game requires a combination of logic, dexterity, and strategy to win.

The game pits wolves against sheep, the latter of which wants to reclaim their grazing lands from the predatory wolves. to do so, the player has to use his or her finger to destroy obstacles, with the puzzles getting more complex as you go.

Game features (according to Bulkypix):

  • Quirky Humor, fight between Wolfs and Sheep
  • More than 80 levels with new level packages on the way
  • Social Platform Openfeint included
  • New level pack to come (in-app purchase)
  • iPad version in production too

The game is priced at US$2.99 on the App Store, and is available now.

Saving Private Sheep Screenshot
Saving Private Sheep Screenshot