Burberry Extends its Acoustic Program to Apple Music

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Fashion retailer Burberry has launched its own channel on Apple Music in a move that extends its place in the music world beyond its Acoustic program. Burberry is also the first global brand to launch its own Apple Music channel.

Burberry launches its own Curated Apple Music channelBurberry launches its own Curated Apple Music channel

Burberry is using its channel to highlight British artists and will include exclusive videos from several up and coming musical artists.

Company CEO Christopher Bailey said,

There are so many extraordinary British artists and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with them and showcase their incredible talent. Music has always been intrinsic to what we do and I am excited about our partnership with Apple on this amazing platform which will enable us to take what we do now with Burberry Acoustic and share it with an even bigger audience.

Burberry launched its Acoustic program in 2010 to give emerging British artists more visibility. The performances the retailer commissions are available on the Burberry Website as well as YouTube. So far, about 100 performances have been recorded from the likes of Benjamin Clementine, Ed Harcourt, Keane, and Clare Maguire.

Apple Music is Apple's new streaming music service. It includes Beats 1 Radio, human-curated playlists, and Connect where artists and bands can share with their fans.

Burberry's new channel is a big endorsement for Apple Music. The retailer is big enough that it doesn't need to push into new music markets for visibility. Instead, it can go where it sees the best opportunities—and right now that includes Apple Music.

Apple Music subscribers can find Burberry's channel on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by launching the Music app, tapping New, then scrolling down to Curator Playlists. On the Mac and PC in iTunes, click the New tab, then select Curator Playlists.

Apple Music costs US$9.99 a month and includes a free three month trial.

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Burberry is likely just the first in a series of companies that embrace Apple Music, and it's a nice endorsement for the streaming music service. It probably didn't hurt that Apple's current retail boss, Angela Ahrendts, used to be Burberry's CEO, too.



I’m afraid I had to look it up:
From Wikipedia

Burberry Group plc is a British luxury fashion house, distributing outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics.

Which explains why, though I had heard of the name, I had little idea what they did. I’m sure I never knowingly went into one of their stores, though I do think I have seen them on occasion.


@ Geoduck ~ Burberry raincoats (‘macks’ or ‘macs’) and scarves are cnsidered very fashionable, not least for their distinctive tartan linings on the coats.
They ain’t cheap, either. I paid £500 (about $750) for a Burberry’s mac at Harrods in 1984. FWIW, it still looks brand new. I love it.

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