Burglar Steals iPhones, Leaves His Samsung Galaxy Behind

I know you're thinking that this is some kind of joke, but it comes from The Washington Post: a burglar broke into a wireless store called DMW Wireless in Fairfax, VA, stole a bunch of iPhones, and left his own Samsung Galaxy (specific model unknown) behind.

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We in the business refer to something like this as comedy gold. Mana from heaven. A gift from the gods.

Just sit back and soak it in. It's good for you.

The Samsung Galaxy device was found amidst the broken glass near the front door, and while that strongly suggests it was an accident rather than a statement, it still is delicious. Even The Post saw the fanboy partisan potential for human by noting, "No word on whether he was seeking an upgrade."

Police were able to trace the subscription attached to the phone to one Travis Montgomery Snyder, age 25, and nearby security camera footage showed a man fitting his description was on the scene at the time. The robbery took place on February 19th, but Mr. Snyder was apparently just arrested.

Apple devices are often the object of burglaries, smash and grabs (which this was), and even muggings. A robbery of this nature would normally not rate the attention of a nationally-published newspaper like The Washington Post, but (again) the humor of a thief leaving behind his Samsung Galaxy Android device when stealing iPhones was apparently too target-rich to pass up.

The DMW Wireless outlet is located in the 7000 block of Spring Garden Drive in Fairfax, VA.