Burglars Clean Up in Sagemore Apple Store

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Apple's Sagemore store in New Jersey was hit by a group of burglars in the early morning hours on Wednesday. The thieves broke in and made off with 14 iPhones, over 20 MacBook Pro laptops, and a handfull of iPod touches in 31 seconds, according to WPVI TV.

Suspects make off with laptops, iPhones and iPods

The five burglars smashed through the store's glass front doors just after 2AM and rushed the product displays, snatching up the computers, iPhones and iPod touches in what looked like a well rehearsed set of moves.They also made movements that made the on duty security guard think that they had a gun.

Video footage of the break in showed that two of the suspects were wearing black sweatshirts, and another was wearing what looked like a red vest with a light grey long sleeve shirt underneath. All five were wearing masks.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crime to call 856-983-1118, or call the confidential tip line at 856-988-4699.

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Microsoft and the PC OEMs must be getting jealous, as it seems that no thieves are interested in stealing large quantities of any Windows computers or cell phones, which suggests that the street value of Windows PCs is too low to be worth the effort.

Lee Dronick

which suggests that the street value of Windows PCs is too low to be worth the effort

They probably steal them, but yes unless it is a high end PC you can’t fence it for much. The iPhones are probably already remotely wiped.


NEWS BULLETIN: Thieves break window at Windows Computer Store ~ to RETURN the crap!

Tag line: Thieves are getting ‘smarter’ all the time!


I’m wondering if Apple has any kind of system in place to track the computers if they connect to the internet. Or do they just have too much money to care about tracking down 20 MBP’s? jk
I hope they do catch them.
The items could pop up on ebay. I know it happens with stolen merchandise. But then again that’s what serial numbers are for. If you buy a MBP or iPhone on ebay make sure it’s not from that store. wink


I bet Apple will flag these units when someone tries to register them, or even track them through their various ID numbers. Too bad they won’t do the same for a customer when they have their devices stolen. Sure the iPhone is traceable as long as you use the MobileMe service, but you have to pay for that. There are 3rd party solutions too, but you have to pay for that also.

A minor rant. I still love Macs smile

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