BusyMac Expands Product Line with BusyContacts Public Beta

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — BusyMac, the makers of BusyCal, demonstrated a Public Beta of BusyContacts at this week’s Macworld/iWorld Conference. John Chaffe demonstrated some of the key features of this program, which is meant to replace the OS X built-in Contacts application.

BusyContacts syncs with the built-in Contacts application on OS X and iOS, and supports all leading cloud services, including iCloud, Google Contacts, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

One of the first notable features is the customizable views of BusyContacts, in that you can get a single column list view, or a multi-column table view that allows you to control the columns being displayed and the sort order. One cool feature noted in the multi-column table view is the color of the contact indicates which calendar is contact is synced to.

BusyContacts Multicolumn View
BusyContacts Multi-Column View with Color Coding

BusyContacts also supports tags. You can apply one or more tags to a contact, and later view contacts based on which tag(s) they contain. An additional way to find contacts is Smart Filters, where you can find contacts based on multiple criteria, such as a text string, tag or birthdate. You can also create Smart Filters to remember view settings, such as columns displayed and sort order.

BusyContacts offers social network integration including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can integrate contact information from multiple sources into a unified contact card. There’s also BusyCal integration, which allows you to link your contacts to events and to dos in your calendar.

BusyContacts will be in Public Beta in Summer 2014, and the anticipated pricing is US$49.99.

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