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BusyMac Announced Monday that BusyCal has been released as a public beta. BusyCal is a standalone calendaring app for the Mac that offers calendar sharing and syncing, and can also sync up with Google Calendars. Data can be synced to your iPhone, to MobileMe, or to iTunes.

The product offers the following features:

  • Sync calendars via Bonjour - Sync calendars with others on your local area network, without the need for a dedicated server.
  • Sync with Google Calendar - Sync with Google Calendar for online access to your calendar from any computer, anywhere.
  • Sync with the iPhone - Sync calendars with the iPhone via iTunes or MobileMe.
  • Multi-user editing - Multiple users can share and edit calendars with full read-write access. Changes are synced instantly.
  • Security - Calendars can be password protected as read-write or read-only, and encrypted with SSL.
  • Offline Editing - Changes made to a calendar while offline are automatically synchronized when you reconnect to the network.
  • Recurring ToDos - Create repeating ToDos that display in the calendar view and carry-forward until completed.
  • Info Panel - Enter and view event details in a non-modal floating window or an embedded info pane.
  • List View - Customizable list view lets you filter and sort events by date, event type, calendar, and more.
  • Live Weather - View live weather forecasts, sunrise/sunset times, and moon phases right in your calendar.
  • Graphics - Add graphics to events or days with control over the position, size and opacity.
  • Sticky Notes - Add virtual sticky notes to your calendar, and share/sync them with others on your network!
  • Rich Text - Stylize the events in your calendar with customizable fonts, sizes, styles and colors.

BusyCal is currently in public beta, and can be downloaded for free. When it is released as a commercial product it will be priced at US$40 per computer.

BusyCal Screenshot
BusyCal Screenshot


Reb Guthrie

I’ve used the beta fairly heavily for over a day, and found it to be very polished and only a few bugs.  The syncing to Google Cal works as advertised, though I’d prefer a dedicated server an/or connection to Exchange (better for mixed environments).  Overall though, this is a great improvement over iCal and is great looking app worth a d/l.


I saw quite a bit of buzz about this product during WWDC and I’m happy to see the beta is now out.  I can’t wait to try it out on my home Mac.  We all know that iCal is lacking, both in function and in style.  I think BusyCal will cover both those bases.  The only drawback I see is the price, which will be too much for most casual users. 

Granted I haven’t used the product yet, but with iCal a faded star needing a jumpstart, I would love to see Apple hire BusyMac and create a “light” version of BusyCal to replace iCal (keeping the iCal name of course) and bundle the “pro” version of it as part of iLife.

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