callas Introduces pdfAutomator, pdfColorConvert

callas software introduced its new pdfAutomator and pdfColorConvert utilities on Wednesday. pdfAutomator adds a graphic interface to the pdfInspektor CLI, pdfColorConvert CLI and pdfCorrect CLI Adobe Acrobat command-line controlled plug-ins. The interface lets you set up tasks for optimizing, color-converting and correcting PDF files without locking you out of the command-line interface for designing customized scripts.

callas software also announced an advanced version of pdfColorConvert - an Acrobat plug-in to handle color conversion for newspapers. The new version supports device link profiles so that workflows can be customized for specific output devices.

The callas software Web site has not been updated yet with additional information about pdfAutomator. pdfColorConvert is priced at ?299 (about US$380.11).