Calvin and Hobbes Comes to iBooks

Oh boy, but it's been a good week for iBooks. The Hunger Games finally came to iBooks a few days ago, and now Calvin and Hobbes is available! Apple announced it today on Twitter, including a classic shot of the two friends gallivanting downhill in Calvin's wagon.

Calvin and Hobbes is was a very successful newspaper comic strip that ruled the world for ten years until its creator, Bill Watterson, announced he was ending the series in 1995. If you haven't read them, check out these books and see what you've been missing.

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

On the dedicated Calvin and Hobbes page in iTunes, Apple is currently selling:

Apple also lists the documentary, Dear Mr. Watterson as a preorder ($12.99), and the soundtrack for that same documentary for $9.99.