Camera + iPhone X Bullet = Art

What happens if you apply a bullet to an iPhone? Most people will usually find themselves with little more than a voided warranty, but photographer Paul Fairchild and Michael Tompert instead found an art gallery in the form of striking photographs of the destruction.

Published by French magazine Fubiz, the photos are of iPhones, iPods, iPads, and MacBooks that have been shot, smashed, sawed, and scattered, and then photographed by Mr. Fairchild. An example is the iPhone below. At least we think it’s an iPhone, judging by the scale of the Home button and display. There are many more photos in the full Fubiz article.

We were alerted to the photos by a reader, but BoingBoing seems to have been the English-based site that found it first (noted today by TUAW).

'Sploded iPhone Art

Source: Paul Fairchild and Michael Tompert