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What happens if you apply a bullet to an iPhone? Most people will usually find themselves with little more than a voided warranty, but photographer Paul Fairchild and Michael Tompert instead found an art gallery in the form of striking photographs of the destruction.

Published by French magazine Fubiz, the photos are of iPhones, iPods, iPads, and MacBooks that have been shot, smashed, sawed, and scattered, and then photographed by Mr. Fairchild. An example is the iPhone below. At least we think it’s an iPhone, judging by the scale of the Home button and display. There are many more photos in the full Fubiz article.

We were alerted to the photos by a reader, but BoingBoing seems to have been the English-based site that found it first (noted today by TUAW).

'Sploded iPhone Art

Source: Paul Fairchild and Michael Tompert



An example is the iPhone below.

Below where?

Anyway I just clicked on the Fubiz link. I admire the creative destruction, especially the neatly sliced iPhones and grid of bullet holes in the iPad. I wonder what order they made the bullet holes in, and how they braced it.

Bryan Chaffin

Below where?

Huh, look at that. Well, if you look now, you’ll see the image I thought I had included the first time. I added it, thanks to your note. smile


Look at what? Still not there.



I see the image from the main TMO home page (with “Display News Brief” set to “Top 3”), but when I click on the article, the image does not display.


Art? Pathetic. Art has become merely the ability to convince others that something is “art” merely by being outrageous, controversial, or ironic. Sad really. Craftsman of old and the masters are now smacking their heads in the grave thinking “gee, if I’d only known I wouldn’t have wasted all of those years on practice and the honing of skill to a high superior level. I could just get some weird hair and put a bullet through something.”
Bitter? Maybe, but it is pathetic.

Bryan Chaffin

OK, folks, the image really should be there this time! I’m not sure what I did wrong either the first or second time, but I’m seeing it now.

If it disappears again, I’m blaming pixel fairies!

Bryan Chaffin

FlipFriddle, I personally don’t think that art projects like this in any way invalidate the skills of a painter, sculptor, or any other form of more traditional art.

Indeed, it only elevates it in my mind. When I look at these images, I am fascinated, and I think they are striking and beautiful.

When I look at a painting by Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Pollard, or Craig Thompson, I am amazed and blown away that they could use a brush, paint, and canvas (and maybe other tools for some of those guys) to create such amazing images.

One can admire new forms of art without casting aside the older forms.

And I might add that many people said the same thing about Picasso, Pollard, and just about every new form of art that has come through the centuries that you’re saying about this art project.

That was intended as a gentle nudge, not a jerk punch. smile


Body World…..for electronics!?!

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