Camper Lines Up for iPhone 4 in Dallas

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Apple’s new iPhone 4 won’t be available for a week, but that hasn’t deterred one Dallas man from setting up a tent outside the Highland Park Apple Store to be first in line for the June 24 product launch.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 during his keynote presentation at the company’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco on June 7. The new version of the combination iPod and smartphone is 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS, sports a higher resolution display, and includes a built-in gyroscope and digital compass, 5 megapixel camera with HD video capture support, LED flash, a front-facing video chat camera, and more.

The camper set up a tent and brought along food and clothes for his seven day wait. Considering Dallas is expecting temperatures pushing 100 degrees for the next week, this gentleman looks to have a long, hot wait ahead.

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Billy Gore

This guy isn’t there for the iPhone, he’s there because of the publicity. He needs to get a life. If he was so excited to get it the first day he should have been the first to pre-order the phone on the Apple or ATT site before the stampede. That would have saved him a week of living in a tent.
I pre-ordered the iPhone the last day, I had problems online so I walked over to my ATT store and got it done within 15 minutes. It was done through the computer and not a paper and I was promised it the first day.
I think the guy needs a girlfriend/boyfriend more than he needs a phone. Obviously he has no one to share that tent. But I guess he’s getting the 32 gig to store his porn collection. Well, he have a loser here in NYC too that lives for the publicity as well. Don’t feel sorry for them.

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