Canson Demonstrates Mac Version of PAPERSHOW Digital Communications Tool

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Canson is demonstrating the Mac version of PAPERSHOW at this week's Macworld Expo show. Giulia Carla Viovanelli, Product Manager, gave us a demonstration of this system which bridges the analog and digital worlds.

PAPERSHOW starts with a digital pen using the Anoto technology. The pen contains a small camera which reads its location on the paper via a special pattern detected by the pen. The pen then uses a Bluetooth radio to send the results to your Mac equipped with a USB Bluetooth key and PAPERSHOW software. The end result is that whatever you write with the pen will be recorded on the paper, but also shown on your Mac's screen, and stored on the USB key.  You can then project what is on your screen with a projector, and even share it with others via remote collaboration software such as WebEx or GoToMeeting.

PAPERSHOW currently supports two applications. The first is digital flipcharts. As you write on the paper, what you draw also appears on the screen. If you'd like others to get involved, you can pass around the pad and pen. The pen has a range of about 8 feet, so you can move about. You can store the results on the USB key, so it can be shared with others. The second application is PowerPoint, where you load a presentation, display and flip through it, and annotate based on input from the group.

PAPERSHOW will be available for Mac in mid-March, with a price of US$199 for the starter kit.

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Their demo at the Macworld/DEMO award show was pitiable (more so since their representative was trying to demonstrate how good it was for presentations), but it does actually look like a good “smart paper” product.


Ms. Viovanelli may have faltered in her early morning demo of Papershow, but I have to say that John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton did a great job on the Mac Geek Gab podcast later in the day! Who knew there were so many questions about Apple Mail? wink

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