Canto Releases Cumulus 8

Canto announced the release of Cumulus 8 on Thursday. This update of the company’s asset management software introduces new digital asset management (DAM) capabilities.

Usage statistics and reporting is among the most notable new features. Users can now value their assets by knowing which are being used most, and fine-tune their metadata by knowing the search terms users choose. Cumulus 8 can also catalog assets via email, offering network-secure uploads of photos taken with mobile devices and security cameras.

Other noteworthy upgrades have also been made. By way of comparison, Cumulus 7 can assign a metadata set to 40 records in the same time Cumulus 8 assigns the set to over 8,000 records.

Additional new Cumulus 8 features include:

  • Enhanced collaboration through user commenting
  • User-defined file filters
  • Compare multiple assets at once with full-screen preview
  • Create image variants from inside Cumulus 8, using built-in Image Editor

Cumulus 8 is available for download from the Canto Web site at no additional charge to customers on active software maintenance contracts. Out-of-contract upgrades are available.