Car Smashes Into Lincoln Park Apple Store Causing Minor Injuries

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A car smashed through the glass facade of the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago Sunday, resulting in one injury and closing the store. Reports indicate that an “elderly man” lost control of his vehicle, causing the accident at approximately 6:15 PM CST.

Apple Store Lincoln Park Accident

From the Chicago Tribune’s report:

The dark-colored sedan drove through the glass walls and made it about four or five feet inside, where it seemed to turn and rested near display cases holding headphones and other accessories, according to witnesses.

There were shards of glass strewn on the ground from the impact, according to witnesses.

The injured individual was reportedly not the driver, but authorities have revealed that the individual is in “good condition” after being taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital.

Apple Lincoln Park Apple Store ChicagoThe Lincoln Park Apple Retail Store.

The Lincoln Park Apple Store closes at 7:00 PM on Sundays. Eyewitness accounts at the time of the accident report that the majority of customer traffic had ended, thankfully preventing more serious injuries.

The Verge’s Chris Zielger arrived at the store after the accident but was unable to obtain comment from authorities or Apple. He did report, however, that the car was able to strike the store due to poor layout of traffic control barriers which leave the front of the store open:

…it’s clear that the car jumped an unprotected section of the curb and blasted through the glass wall at an angle. "For some reason, the corner of the store is protected with steel barricades, but the front is not."

The local ABC affiliate had news coverage of the incident, embedded below:

Images from ABC 7 News and Apple.

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Wow,  the next “big hit” for Apple !! Lol

el derlee

Steel barricades in the front of the store interfered with the “clean lines” so Johny 5 had them removed.


What you’re saying is somebody parked their Lincoln in the Lincoln Park Store?

Understandable confusion.


Must of even using apples new maps lol

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Linkin Park was great in their day, but the cool kids now have Hollywood Undead on their Android music players.


Geoduck, I agree, it’s a delicious coincidence.

Could it have been on the 89 year old driver’s bucket list?


Could it have been on the 89 year old driver’s bucket list?

Or at least bucket seat list? LOL


Driver is lucky he wasn’t shot down by the police as a smash and grabber.

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