Case Modder Plans Newton iPhone Case

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Case modder Charles Mangin (no, not that Charles Mangin) has come up with his next project, turning a Newton MessagePad 2000 into a giant case for an iPhone! Mr. Mangin posted mockups of the project in his Flickr stream, which he intends to begin soon.

Mr. Mangin’s prior projects include putting a Mac mini into a 1978 Apple II Disk II floppy drive enclosure, and putting a G4 Cube into a Mac Plus.

We’ll take two of them, sir!

Newton iPhone Case Mockup

Concept mockup from Charles Mangin

Thanks to Cult of Mac for finding this gem on Flickr.

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That’s silly! I like it, but it’s silly.


Nice. Anything cool going in the extra space? Battery pack, or….


Still like the Newton Stylus best of all the styluses out there.


I think Apple should really support this and put an option into iOS that allows switching all the graphics to grayscale. It just doesn’t look right with the coloured icons grin

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