Cassia Networks Provides Expanded Bluetooth Device Support and Range with Cassia Hub

LAS VEGAS — Cassia Networks was showing their Cassia Hub, a device that offers the ability to manage a large number of Bluetooth devices, and do so with range far beyond what is normally available, at this week's Discover Blue event. Frank Tai, Ph.D., Senior Director of Supply Chain Management & Business Development, gave us the scoop.

Most users of standard Bluetooth devices, such as speakers and smart home accessories connect from their handheld device or personal computer to a single Bluetooth device. This limitation, combined with normal Bluetooth range of perhaps tens of feet, making some applications a challenge.

Cassia Hub Concept 

The Cassia Hub introduces the concept of a network hub, familiar to those networking non-Bluetooth devices. Combined with the Cassia App, the Cassia Hub allows one to pair up to 22 devices.  Of course this isn’t very useful without increased range, and the Cassia Hub, thanks to clever antenna design, and some magic with RF signal processing, can pair with and communicate with these devices up to 1000 feet away.

The Cassia Hub is available to order and priced at US$99.00.