CBS Bringing Old Shows to Hulu

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CBS will be adding a long list of TV shows from its library to Hulu Plus starting in January. The deal will be good news for "Star Trek" and "I Love Lucy" fans, as well as viewers of newer shows like "CSI Miami," and "Numb3rs."

Hulu Plus subscribers get old CBS shows in JanuaryHulu Plus subscribers get old CBS shows in January

The shows will be available only to Hulu Plus subscribers, which is a service that's now available on the Apple TV, too. The deal is non-exclusive, so CBS can sign deals with other streaming video services as well.

The broadcaster isn't, however, planning on adding episodes from current shows to the Hulu Plus.

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Actually, the shows will be available to all Hulu viewers ( although not on a permanent basis ) .

I got this from their press release -

”  A selection of CBS library shows will also rotate through the free service, and additional titles will be announced.  “

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