CBS Launches Internet Streaming Subscription Service

CBS is following HBO's lead and will be launching its own streaming service so viewers can watch its programming without a cable subscription. CBS All Access will give subscribers on demand access to current TV shows and content from CBS's library, and some markets will offer live viewing, too.

CBS All Access gives you on demand shows without cable TV subscriptionsCBS All Access gives you on demand shows without cable TV subscriptions

The broadcaster is offering content through its Website, and through iOS and Android apps. CBS said it will offer current seasons for 15 primetime shows viewable the day after they air, full past seasons for eight major current series, over 5,000 episodes from classic series, and live streaming of local broadcasting in 14 markets. What CBS All Access won't offer is football games, which no doubt will come as a disappointment to sports fans.

CBS also said it won't show commercials when viewing classic shows.

HBO just announced its own subscription service outside of cable TV packages. CEO Richard Plepler said, "In 2015, we will launch a standalone, over-the-top HBO service in the United States."

With big name broadcasters launching their own subscription services, cable TV's stranglehold on content may be loosening. Hopefully CBS and HBO will offer their subscription services through Apple TV, giving people yet another option outside of cable and satellite TV services.

CBS All Access is priced at US$5.99 a month and is available now.