CBS Launches News Channel on Apple TV, Keeps Quiet about It

CBS News and CBS Interactive launched Thursday a "digital streaming news network" called CBSN. The 24 hour channel features live, anchored news for 15 hours each weekday, and while CBS didn't announce it was launching on Apple TV, the service is up and running on Apple's device now.


Apple TV Screen

CBS Actually went to great lengths not to mention Apple TV, saying in its announcement, "CBSN will be available on and its mobile website, key connected TV devices including Amazon Fire TV, Roku players and Roku TV, and others."

Les MoonvesLes Moonves

In fact, the company went so far as to name its Windows Phone app and both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. But no Apple TV, no App Store, and not even Apple itself. Whether corporate bickering, a misguided sense of importance, or merely sloppy press release crafting remains to be seen, but I will note that Les Moonves put his personal stamp on this press release.

You may remember Mr. Moonves from past comments about Apple TV when he let it be known that he had declined the late Steve Jobs's offer to work with Apple on a secret TV project. In March of 2012 he said in a separate interview that Apple was trying to develop a subscription service.

“I told Steve," he said at the time, "'You know more than me about 99 percent of things but I know more about the television business.'"

It would appear that he knows today that Apple TV isn't worth naming, but Windows Phone is.