CBS Tests HTML 5 Video for iPad

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CBS has begin testing delivery of video content through HTML 5 for Apple’s iPad, allowing the tests to be seen publicly ahead of the iPad’s launch. The network currently used Flash to deliver video on the Internet, but is, apparently, looking for ways to do so on Apple’s iPad, which is not going to support Flash any time soon, if ever. first spotted the tests, and MacRumors then dug into the page that was displaying the information and found that clicking through to the videos in a normal browser returned Flash versions of the videos. Pulling up the videos through the iPhone SDK, however, returned the HTML tests, as did spoofing your browser’s User-Agent.

The HTML 5 videos didn’t actually work, however, and it’s clear that CBS has much more work to do on the project. Apple is releasing the iPad on April 3rd, and it’s not known if CBS is wanting to have its HTML 5 support in place in time for the launch.

What makes this very interesting is the fact that this is the first, and so far only, major network that seems concerned enough about delivering video content to iPad users enough to mess with their investment in Flash.

Apple has been disparaging Adobe’s Flash and has refused to support it on the iPhone and iPad. Instead, the company has been promoting the open HTML 5 standard as the rich content delivery vehicle of the future. The battle between Adobe and Apple is significant in that Adobe derives a lot of revenue from the sale of Flash development tools.

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... not so fast!

Bryan Chaffin

Yeah, I won’t write Flash off just yet. Despair and fear is a great motivator, and this might be just the thing to knock Adobe into high gear for fixing some of the many problems of Flash.


Good!  Flash is a POS.  It is closed source with very little effort put into it.  The same goes for Silverlight and other media streaming with high license costs.

Go Vorbis Ogg!


Actually the Youtube has developed a special Mac version of application which can be used on all the apple products. You will be able to access the Youtube on Ipad as the Youtube application which is developed for Ipad is not flashed based.

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