CCP Reveals More EVE Online: Apocrypha Details

CCP on Thursday revealed more details about the upcoming Apocrypha expansion pack for its science-fiction massively multiplayer online game EVE Online. Mac players will finally get the chance to experience the premium graphics that were added to the game in late 2007. Technical issues with implementing the improvement caused the delay. EVE Online uses TransGaming's Cider technology, and CCP and TransGaming needed the time to deal with those problems.

Oooh, shiny new graphics

In addition to wormholes that lead to over 2,400 new solar systems guarded by an ancient race known as The Sleepers, players will be able to explore booster sites, archeological digs, hacking sites, gas clouds, and salvaging sites, thanks to new scanning mechanics added to the game. New technology found beyond the wormholes will allow players to manufacture new spaceships whose modular nature will let them customize both appearance and performance.

CCP also made a number of other improvements in Apocrypha, including epic mission arcs that tell complex stories, audio and video enhancements, changes to character development, and interface tweaks. Recognizing that new players sometimes struggle to figure out what they should do in the game, CCP has improved the introductory tutorials to give them possible career paths that will direct their gameplay.

Like each of the previous EVE Online expansion packs, Apocrypha will be a free download when it's released on March 10. In conjunction with Atari, CCP will also make the game, including all expansion packs, available as a boxed retail product selling for US$34.95. That edition will also include 60 days of free game time, which existing subscribers can trade with other players for in-game currency, an exclusive in-game ship, a career guide, and a certificate for quicker access to organized combat.